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Hello I'm Edie


I'm 8 years old and the place I'm looking forward to visiting most is America.  Firstly because I want to go to Disney World, but also because we're going to visit some friends in Tennessee and ride some horses with them.  I cant wait to be in Africa as well...we just booked an amazing place.  I'm really looking forward to go.  I'm so exited.  I'm going to have an excellent time arond the world and I can't wait to go to Thailand even though there will be lots of bugs, but you still get massages lots and swim in the sea every day.  It's going to be amazing everywhere and it's hard to pick beacuse all the places are amazing and beautiful.  After Tennessee it would definitely be South Africa...there's like a little hut and there's a a beautiful lake and the hut is in the moutains where there is a great view.  And in India we can ride elephants and I know I'm going to have the best time of my life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
















































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22nd November 2014


We've just had our injections - we had hep a and hep b and we had yellow fever.  My sister said it definitely didn't hurt, but it definitely did hurt for me!!!  And we've bought our 2 rucksacks and our great mountain climbing shoes.  We're only a week till we go and a week left with my kind friends, but I still can't wait.  My Mum has been booking amazing places to stay and she has been showing us the amazing places that we'll be staying in.  I just can't wait and we've only got 1 week left in Brighton for 8 months and I can't even wait to be in the airport..that's even exciting and I can't wait till we're packing our rucksacks and I can't wait in 1 week till we're ready to rock Africa!!!

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