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Bug Watch


Everywhere I go I am finding new bugs and insects which is really exciting, so I've decided to post some photos of them as I go along....


Here are the ones so far....



A millipede, Drakensberg Mountains, SA.

A Yellow spider (!), Drakensberg Mountains, SA

A humungous spider, Drakensberg Mountains, SA.

A curled up millipede, Drakensberg Mountains, SA.

An enormous cockroach!!

(In our bathroom)!!  St. Lucia Wetlands, SA.

Not really a 'bug', but I wanted to add this frog I found, Drakensberg Mountains, SA.

A Grasshopper (on our car windscreen), Hluhluwe, SA.

An enormous hairy spider (on our window), Hluhluwe, SA.

Dung Beetles (rolling Rhino poo)!! Hluhluwe Imfolozi, SA.

A black and green Beetle, Hluhluwe, SA.

Black Beetle, Kosi Bay, SA.

A huge Bullfrog, Kosi Bay, SA.

A lizard, Livingstone, ZA. 

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