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About Me

Hello, I'm Renee and I'm 10 years old.  The only places I've travelled to before this trip have been France and Italy, so it will be completely different from anything I've done before.


My favourite things are animals and birds, so I'm probably most excited about meeting lots of new animal friends along the way.  I'm guessing lots will be friendly, but some will be scary too!


I'm adding an album here of all the animals I meet along the way...



My Papa - JP

My Daddy is French so we call him Papa.  He's a cameraman and photographer and is planning on filming our adventures around the world.  He's also got his own website and will be posting photos and videos along the way.  


Here's a link to his website...

My Mummy - Emily

My Mummy is the one who decided on this crazy adventure.  She used to be a television producer (which is how she met Papa), but she's now a counsellor and had to say goodbye to her clients before we left.  She's now counselling us all along the way (some more than others...Papa!!)


When we were little she wrote a blog about Edie and me.  Here's a link...




She's also in charge of our family website which is going to have lots of photos from our trip.  Here's a link to that one too...

My crazy sister - Edie

Well what can I tell you about Edie?  She's pretty crazy, but I love her a lot.  She didn't want to write her own blog, so she's decided to hijack mine and now has her own page.  Who knows what she's going to write on it, but here's a link anyway!!



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