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My first thoughts on the trip

The place I want to go most is Thailand because we are staying in a hill tribe for 2 weeks.  This trip will be amazing and we will learn so much.


We have had all our injections and they weren't too bad, but I did feel a little bit faint - yellow fever, typhoid and hep A and B.


We have bought our ruck sacks and hand lugage and we had to sell our car.  It is a lot of work getting ready for an 8 month trip!  We did a big car-boot sale as well and rented out our house.  Packing for 8 months in 8 days is such hard work :)


It will be so fun but I will miss my friends so much.  I cant wait till I come back to see them again.  Bye for now.




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Week 1

On December 2nd we arivied in Addis Ababa at 6:00am, but in England it was about 4:00 in the morning.  It was pitch black when we checked in.  I always hate checking in because you just wait in a line line that never moves :(


Once we got on the plane to Jo-burg I had a much better time, but I didn't have any food because i felt sick (well looking at the choice between chicken or lamb curry was enough to make anyone feel sick).  Where was the pasta?


When we got there it took hardly any time to get our bags, although Papa's tripod bag took ages to find, but we eventually found it at the outsized luggage conveyor belt.


Walking through the arrivals we saw a man called Les holding a sigh saying "BASSIN",

Week 2

Stuff to come...

Week 3

Stuff to come...

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